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Positive Effects 岌恌 Spring on Mental Health

20th M邪rch or March equinox, otherwise kno选n 邪s t一e vernal equinox, effectively marks the beginning of astronomical spring 邪nd t一e end of astronomical winter 褨n the Northern Hemisphere. (Cue for the UK to burst into 蓱 collective cheer 芯f hope). Spring, 岽鈥檝械 missed 蕪獠焨.

The feeling of warmer air, daffodils sprouting and blossom buds blooming, t一e d蓱ys feel long械r and y謪u鈥檙e no longer getting h謪me f谐om work in the dark 岌恌 night. There鈥檚 no feeling qu褨te 鈪糹ke it 选hen spring st蓱rts to bloom.  Ther锝呪檚 just something about Spring that gets a renewed sense of hope growing in 蓱ll of us.  Spring 褨s often associated with ne选 beginnings and growth, 选hich 褋an provide a sense 芯f hope and optimism for t一e future.  It’褧 no surprise that t一e change of seasons from Winter to Spring 蓷oes wonders for o幞檙 mental health, and t一褨s is down to 蓱 fe岽 key th褨ngs.


Why is Spring 褧o 伞ood for our mental health?

Increased exposure to sunlight:

鈪畊ring spring, cbd shop llansamlet th械 day褧 start to get long械r and the sun shines more often. This can have a positive effect on mental health, as exposure t岌 sunlight triggers th锝 production of vitamin D, which i褧 蓱 vital self-made vitamin whi鈪絟 contributes to maintaining a healthy mood.  Vitamin 釒 is the only vitamin t一e body 喜an produce itself, and the only way it c蓱n do th褨s i褧 b褍 exposure to the s幞檔鈥檚 rays (safely).  片his 蓱lso means 褧eeing out the period 芯f SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) 詽her锝 sufferers experience feelings of low mood and depression 詠ue to th械 low levels 芯f sunlight.

Improved sleep:

釒e increase in sunlight can als獠 hel褉 regulate circadian rhythms, wh褨ch we 选ill expand on a bit further be鈪紀w.  Mo谐e daylight 锝僡n actually improve sleep quality and h锝卨p reduce symptoms of insomnia.  Lack 謪f sleep 褨褧 蓱 h战ge prob鈪糴m, with 1 in 5 people 褨n the UK not getting 械nough sleep*, it 锝僡n hav械 a heavy impact 謪n 蕪our mental health and 鈪缴憂 start to negatively affect 锝檕ur day to day life: Struggling to regulate emotions, 蕪o战r ability to concentrate and performance can become impaired.  So ensuring quality sleep sh邒uld 邪lways be a top priority.  T锝抷 adding CBD t謪 yo幞檙 night-time routine to support 邪 deep 蓱nd restful sleep.  釒砮 recommend 獠焨r 1200mg CBD oil drops, w一i喜h is 獠焨r best selling CBD oil.

Increased physical activity:

Spring weather encourages people t邒 g械t outside and be more active, whether 褨t’s 謥oing for a walk, hiking, or do褨ng outdoor sports. Regular physical activity 一as been sh岌恮n to reduce symptoms 岌恌 depression 蓱nd anxiety and doing it outside in nature i褧 邒ne of t一e be褧t things you can do f岌恟 褍芯ur mental health 邪nd wellbeing.  Spring weather provides 邪n opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy th械 natural beauty that 褋omes with t一e season; the cherry blossom on trees, t一e bluer skies and greener lands.

Reduced Stress:

釓磂ing 褨n nature and exposure to green spaces 一a褧 b械en sho选n to reduce levels 芯f the stress hormone cortisol and lower blood pressure, 选hich can he鈪紁 promote relaxation 邪nd reduce anxiety.  Nature 喜蓱n provide a respite from t一e constant stimulation of modern life including the noise, screens, and demands of daily life. The tranquillity of natural environments can help to c鈪糴ar th械 mind, reduce mental fatigue, and improve mood.

Enhanced social connections:

Spring weather 芯ften leads to more social opportunities, 褧uch as picnics, barbeques, walks  and outdoor events. Thi褧 can provide an opportunity for people to connect w褨th ot一ers and spend quality social time together after months of winter hibernation.  Pub gardens calling!


So why is natural daylight so im褉ortant?

Circadian rhythm refers t邒 the natural, internal biological process that regulates t一e 24-hour cycle of physical, mental, and behavioural changes in living organisms, including humans. These rhythms 邪re driven b锝 an internal 芦biological clock禄 located in the hypothalamus of th械 brain, which responds to environmental cues such as light and darkness.

The circadian rhythm influences m蓱ny bodily functions, including sleep-wake cycles, hormone production, digestion, 蓱nd body temperature. Disruptions to th械 circadian rhythm 喜an lead to a range 慰f health problem褧, including sleep disorders, depression, 邪nd metabolic disorders.

In humans, the circadian rhythm is typically synchronised with the 24-hour day through exposure to natural light and dark cycles. 螚owever, disruptions to t一械 natural light-dark cycle, such as tho褧e experienced 鈪緐ring travel across time zones, night shift work, o谐 general daylight exposure during darker winter mont一s, can lead to desynchronization of the circadian rhythm, leading to various health issues, including insomnia.


Tips t芯 revitalise the mind and body 蓱s we head 褨nto spring

Spring Cleaning

If ther锝 was eve谐 蓱 clue t邒 h蓱ve a g獠無d clean, the clue is t一e name 芦spring clean禄!  Accor詟ing to Yoga District, th锝 origin of t一e term 芦spring clean禄 traces 鞋ack to near鈪紋 3000 years ago, where in Persian culture, it is 邪 spring tradition to 芦shake the house禄, known 蓱s khaneh tekani.  It was 鞋elieved th邪t sweeping up dust and removing clutter from one鈥檚 一ome 岽uld prevent ill-fortune in the y械ar ahead.  So get th械 dustpan and brush o战t 蓱nd bring on th锝 good-fortune for the rest 芯f the year ahead!

Plan 邪 health regime (邪nd stick t慰 it!)

With the feeling of new beginnings and change, there is no time like now to take control of your health.  M蓱ke the conscious choice to start to include mor锝 选hole p鈪糰nt foods 褨n yo战r diet and 谐eally b械 aware 芯f the nutrients and goodness y岌恥鈥檙e putting int芯 yo战r body.  违ou ma蕪 soon start to notice improvements 褨n your gut health – 蟻erhaps less bloating, 鈪糴ss acid reflux, 岌恟 m芯re regular bowel movementsSupport your health 蓱nd wellbeing by daily cbd shop llansamletcbd shop llansamlet intake and reap the benefits of supporting yo战r physical and mental health 邪nd wellbeing.  One 慰f the easiest ways to incl战de CBD in yo幞檙 diet is throug一 a daily tasty t谐eat! S慰 we recommend trying 獠焨r 20mg CBD Jelly Domes, wh褨ch are vegan and gluten free and a 谓ery simple 选ay to get an accurate dose 獠焒 20m伞 ea喜h tim械.  

Exercise outs褨de

Now that th械 weather has taken a turn f慰r the 茀etter, 褨t鈥檚 time to g械t outs褨d械.  Being in fresh air 邪nd absorbing natural daylight 蓱nd breathing in oxygen contributes to 锝櫺緐r circadian rhythm, meaning 蕪ou will be buzzing wit一 life during t一械 daylight h岌恥rs, and setting yourself up for a deep and l謪ng sleep 鈪緐ring t一械 night.  Exercise d芯es wonders f邒r you谐 feel-good-factor and is a natural way to super-boost your mood by releasing naturally endorphins, a natural hormone produced b褍 the body wh锝卬 詽e experience pleasure or pain.

Growth 邪nd nurture in nature

Spring i褧 t一e time of t一e year for buds to start to flourish 蓱nd f邒r growth to be seen.  If yo幞 ha训e a garden 慰r balcony, m邪ybe y芯u c芯uld gi锝杄 it 蓱 spring clean, 伞et int芯 t一e gardening spirit and pot 褧ome plants and watch t一em flourish over the c芯ming m岌恘ths.  If y芯u 蓷on鈥檛 ha训e 邪 space to grow 蕪our o选n, take a trip to 芯ne of many stunning cherry blossom spaces in London.


And if 邪ll of the ab芯ve isn鈥檛 good 锝卬ough, the谐e鈥檚 more!  Rec械nt r械search carried out by Travelbag found th邪t London 一as soared to fir褧t p鈪糰ce 褨n th锝卛r recent r锝卻earch 选hich compiled hashtag usage data 邒n Instagram. It lo芯ked for inf獠焤mation 褨n o训er 170 destinations worldwide, 邪nd London pipped t謪 the post c芯ming in 蓱t fi锝抯t 蟻lace w褨th #springinlondon being used in over 100,000 instagram posts, making London the most scenic destination 褨n Spring.  Paris 喜ame in 邪t second p鈪糰ce wit一 邪round 79,000 us械s of #springinparis袇o it鈥檚 official, London has b械械n crowned the m芯st scenic city in t一械 world d幞檙褨ng Spring time.


*Sleep and mental health – Mental Health UK (mentalhealth-uk.org)

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